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dedicated youth workers and volunteers

Bringing a wide range of experiences and skills to help you and your whānau through this time.


Founder, Youth Worker

Hi, I am Kerrie, the founder of The Acorn Project and also a youth worker. I am a mum to Jack and Katie.

I have worked for over 26 years supporting children, young people and their families - especially when impacted by cancer.

What I love about my role at The Acorn Project:

  • Being able to support people to find their inner voice and make choices that are right for them

  • Making people feel seen and heard regardless of the situation and finding solutions or ways to navigate the next steps

  • Connecting with a person where they are at and helping to wrap the support they need around them

  • Providing opportunities for people to connect with others in similar situations through catch-ups, activities and camps, to name just a few

  • Watching young people find their potential, develop confidence, achieve personal growth, and so much more...

Now for the important stuff

Chocolate or lollies?
Whittaker's Chocolate or British Cadbury.

Cats or Dogs?
Don’t make me choose, I can’t! So, … both!

Pineapple on pizza?
Absolutely not.

I love:
Music, going to the beach and swimming in the ocean, laughs with family and friends.

I loathe:
Spiders and feet. Just ugh. Both totally unnecessary.

Youth Worker

Watch this space!

Cancer is heavy. We can’t change the diagnosis but we can change the support you receive.

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